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We will be at the first millennium event in paris pleace contact us if you would like to get a meeting with us.


All Girl team FL Charms from scandinavia choose to shoot the crome 2, and of course they will look good with the all new pink crome 2 guns.

You can see them play at the millennium tournaments all around europe in Division 2.



We at Regency Paintball are proud to be a part of the great Paintball community. To show our love of the game we upgrade the Crome and made the Crome2.

We upgraded the design and made it more aggressive, more forward looking. We also added new colours and team printing, allowing teams to enhance their profile. Changes have also been made in other areas: be tter internal airflow, new circuit board and programming, new clamp and so on.

But of equal importance is what we have not changed, the smooth bolt operation or the possibility to shoot the most brittle paint. Nor have we changed the low sound profile or the quick release push and pull bolt that allows players the benefit of cleaning internals within seconds.


Where Performance meets Passion.


Jonas Högström

Regency Paintball